Prevention in today’s dynamic health space is not only important, it is crucial. With the rising costs of health insurance and ACA or Obamacare in place, Fall Prevention for the elderly is of special concern, studies show that after the age of 55 one’s propensity to fall and injury themselves is statistically trebled. Due to chronic disease and osteoporosis in the elderly, these individuals are far more likely to break/fracture bones, tare ligaments and cause increase hospitalizations. Once hospitalized these elderly patients are more susceptible to other illnesses due to debilitating comorbidities that might be exacerbated by the fall in the first place. These are higher costs that the government is now inclined to pay as preventative medicine. It is far more cost effective for government health institutions like Medicare to reimburse and invest in a Fall Prevention program, where seniors are monitored and assessed for vestibular issues and can then be treated before a debilitating and life altering fall happens.

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The significance of diagnosis is crucial to this concept. Medical diagnosis is the process of determining which disease or condition explains a person’s symptoms and signs.

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Often, one or more ways to find a diagnosis is done through diagnostic testing. It is often challenging, because many signs and symptoms are nonspecific.



The VNG (Videostomography) unit offers testing used to determine if a vestibular (inner ear) disease may be causing a balance or dizziness problem,


VNG Program

This test also addresses the functionality of each ear and if a vestibular deficit may be the cause of a dizziness or balance problem.


Neuropathy Treatment Program

The TeslaMax is one of the most innovative and unique neuromuscular electric stimulators on the market to date.


Osteoarthritis Program

All our Osteoarthritis care programs are designed to provide the purchaser with a complete turn-key business system.

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