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TeslaMax – Aaron Bonanno Testimonial

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MY TESTIMONIAL By: Aaron Bonanno May 1, 2014

In July of 1997, when I was just 14 years old, I was involved in a very violent go-kart accident which broke my right leg at the ankle. I had a compound fracture of both bones and had emergency surgery within a few hours of the accident. The Doctors insisted on amputating my right foot just above the ankle due to the vicious nature of the break and their concern that infection could set in. My father requested a second opinion and the second Doctor agreed to try and save my foot. Thank God he succeeded. The months following the accident, it became apparent that my bones were not mending well. I went through a series of 5 different casts over a 10 month period of time. One of the biggest downfalls from this was that I no longer played sports. The cast I had on the longest was a walking boot. It had an arch on the bottom of it to make up for me not being able to push off with my right foot when I walked. Needless to say, my gait was very affected and this as I found out later caused many asymmetries and compensations within various muscle groups in my body as certain muscle kicked in to take over and do the work that my leg could no longer do just for me to be able to even walk.

I had no idea back then, how the overworked compensating muscles would eventually go into constant spasms of complaint for their unusually heavy workload. The worst issues as a resultant of this accident were not to be realized until years down the road as I continued to grow another 7 inches in height after the accident with all kinds of weird compensating muscle patterns and spasms slowly developing and solidifying in ways that would later make a different kind of excruciating pain my constant . I was just a kid trying to get on with my life and get over this challenge and no one ever told me that there would be such complications down the road.

In June of 2011, I began having a lot of pain in my upper and mid-back. My back muscles were in spasm a lot and within a year were in spasm all the time day and night! I was seen by an orthopedic surgeon and diagnosed with Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease at T9-T10 and compression wedge deformities. I have been on different pain medications and muscle relaxers as well as alternative medications to treat pain off-label. Pain medication was the only way I could attain any sense of relief. The pain I experienced affected my daily living and my job as well as my sense of well-being.

I went to various chiropractors and went through Physical Therapy. I did not see any relief. My back has been in spasm so bad the past 3 years that chiropractors have not been able to successfully manipulate the spine of my thoracic region. In fact, attempting to even do so caused excruciating pain like never felt before. I had occasional pain in my hips, Sacrum, low-back at times, and constant severe pain in my upper/mid-back 100% of the time. Just to wake up every morning was a chore and not welcomed at all due to the intense pain. The stiffness and pain I experience until my pain medication kicked in was at times unbearable.

In March of 2014, my pain medication dose was once again escalated and the doctor wanted to add yet another medication to my pain combating concoction. At this point, I was sick of medication. I could feel it damaging my gut with every dose. It would help my back pain tremendously yet at the same time, my mental performance was negatively affected which ultimately hurt my work performance and everything else that an acute, diminished mental capacity would affect. I was basically in a Catch 22 situation under constant stress. What to do?

I was referred to a chiropractor 2000 miles away from Ohio in Portland, Oregon. His name was Doctor Dorian Quinn, DC. He had a device which was promised to me would have an enormous benefit to my health. I was skeptical at first but after reading about the technology and hearing of other people who were helped by the device, I began to once again have hope. The device I am speaking of is called the ZoneRX. Part of his therapy program was for me to use a special kind of experimental super powerful electrical stimulation device on my back with specific protocols at home each night after treatments in his office that included short stints on the ZoneRX. The stim units used on my body to correct muscle strength imbalances were the TeslaMax TIER4 Combo Stim (especially the Russian stim protocol) and the much more powerful but yet gentle TeslaMax TM4 which I used as part of an investigational research test of the unit. I found out later the secret to the effectiveness of the TM4 was its super AC current high voltage output at a super low amperage which allowed me to handle the deep body re-sculpting contractions for extended periods of time each night. The relief was immediate and welcome.

When I first arrived in Portland, I drove straight to Dr. Qui ’s office for my initial evaluation and to start my therapy with my first experience on the ZoneRX. Wow!!! Immediately before my first session on the ZoneRX was even finished, I noticed an improvement in my pain levels! I had a sense of lightness and it was far easier to maintain a more correct posture. I could feel my body begin to let loose so-to-speak. It is somewhat hard to describe. That night, I used the TeslaMax devices to relax my overworked muscles and begin to correct some of the very obvious imbalances.

The next morning, I was in for quite the surprise. I got out of bed and noticed I was barely stiff at all and my back pain level was greatly reduced to around 50% to 75% of what I would normally have. I for once had hope! I immediately called my wife and conveyed to her the great news! I was very eager to undergo my second treatment session. After my second treatment, while still in Dr. Qui ’s office, I for the first time in three years experienced ZERO PAIN!!! I have never been able to experience 100% pain relief regardless of how much pain medication I took. This was nothing short of amazing, and I began to literally weep. I was beyond ecstatic and speechless. It felt too good to be true, but IT WAS!

Upon waking the following day, the stiffness and pain in my hips and lower-back was NON-EXISTENT! The pain in my upper and mid-back was reduced to around 50% from what I normally would experience first thing each morning! This was before I had even taken my morning dose of mind-numbing and mental retarding pain medication concoction. Life was looking up. I felt like a new man. I was one month away from my wife and I having our first child, and I knew that I was going to be able to be the best for my yet-to-be born son!

I learned some very interesting facts about my body through this experience. I found out that I had underutilized hamstring and glutes. They had become severely atrophied over the years due to disuse. My body had literally learned how-to compensate for my weak hamstrings and glutes and did so by allowing my thoracic muscles in my mid-back to take over and do the job that the hamstring and glutes should have been doing. I have a very big and strong mid-back because of this. I had to rid myself of this ingrained pattern, and the ZoneRX combined with the home use of the special stim units helped me to do so! The ZoneRX guided me in strengthening and activating my underutilized hamstrings and glutes and created what I was told were new healthy neuromuscular patterns. I can now walk, stand and do everything utilizing my hamstrings and glutes. I do ’t have constant pain in my mid-back anymore because my thoracic muscles are finally relaxing and taking their much needed break after all these years!

The next Monday, four days after my second treatment, I went in for my third session. The few days in-between my second and third treatments were phenomenal! With my medicine, I experienced 100% pain relief in my whole body. In fact, I even began to lower my medicine and still retained the pain relief! This is the TRUTH! I felt remarkable and elated. After my third treatment, not only was my pain level dramatically reduced, but now I could hold and maintain a correct posture without too much difficulty whatsoever.

Over the next few days, I received two more treatments on the ZoneRX with my fifth treatment exactly 8 days after my first. After the last treatment, the pain throughout my body was virtually absent! Without medication, I would only feel a little stiffness and muscle pain on my left side in my thoracic region. It wasn’t the entire middle back and upper back like before. I did not have pain at all in my lower back, although there was not much to begin with in that area. My hips and glutes did not give me any more trouble!

I now am very self-aware of my posture and maintaining proper posture is getting much easier. Without the referral to Dr. Quinn and having treatment on the ZoneRX and TeslaMax, I would still be hopeless and in pain on my way to spinal surgery and ever escalating doses of strong opiate pain medications. I am on my way to complete cessation of all my pain meds. Life is once again wonderful and definitely worth living! I am now full of hope that over time I can further strengthen and stabilize the corrective repositioning I have begun thanks to Dr. Quinn, the ZoneRx and the awesome TeslaMax muscle stim equipment.

I make this statement of my own free will out of a sincere desire to help others struggling with pain like I have realize that there is hope.

No one has offered to pay me any money for this testimonial nor would I accept it. This is from the heart.


Aaron Bonanno

Read more about the TeslaMax here  Download the PDF of this Testimonial

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