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VNG Videonystagmography Machine

Diagnostic Equipment

VNG Videonystagmography Machine


Videonystagmography (VNG) is used for testing central motor function and the inner ear of patients. The VNG system uses high-tech infrared technology to help accurately diagnose dizziness, motion sickness, and other central motor/inner ear functionality problems through eye movements.

The VNG Machine is now the most commonly used method to record eye movement – because of its accuracy and diagnosis ability.

Tests performed with a VNG machine test to see if a patient’s balance disorders are because of their central nervous system or if they are related to a patient’s inner ear. This Videonystagmography device is designed to test things such as:


  • BPPV
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Sensory disorders
  • Ocular motor testing
  • Balance dysfunction
  • Instability of gait

We’re here to help you understand this equipment, it’s capabilities, and how to maximize reimbursement.

To speak to an equipment specialist about specifications, pricing and financing options  Call : 954-451-6395


Duration : 30 minutes performed by MA.
Target Specialties : Neurologist, Pain medicine, MD/DC, PCP, Endocrinologist, ENT
Reimbursement : $300-500 [Varies state to state]
CPT : 92540,92542,92544,92545,92541,92543,92548
Price [w or w/o financing] New: $43k-49k | Demo: $37k-42k | Rental Available

For pricing, rental or financing options, Call : 954-451-6395

Videonystagmography Downloads

 5 Balance Questonnaire page 1 grading page 2.pdf
 Sample VNG Report – Interpreted.pdf
 Sample VNG Report.pdf
 VNG promo flier.pdf

Additional Videonystagmography Information

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