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Intellewave – The RM3A Alternative

ANS Diagnostic Testing Equipment

Intellewave – The RM3A Alternative

Comprehensive Autonomic Nervous System Testing

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) testing correlates signs and symptoms of possible autonomic dysfunction with objective measurement in a fashion that is clinically useful.

The Intellewave tests for several of the most common risk factors in patients through a variety of diagnostic testing solutions such as:

  • Autonomic Nervous Testing (ANS)
  • Endothelial Testing
  • Tilt Table (Syncope)
  • Cardiometabolic (BMI)
  • Vascular Testing (ABI)

The Intellewave Difference:

Measuring the dysfunction of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems renders a plethora of data to physicians, however the Intellewave measures the system in real time over an extended period using ECG electrocardiogram based testing, rather than PPG or plethysmography based testing of the RM3A. Not only has CMS Medicare deemed ECG testing more accurate, but also more comprehensive than its PPG counterpart.

The Intellewave system provides maximum flexibility and diversity with its holistic mobile cart management system that allows physicians to provide world class holistic testing of the autonomic nervous system in less than 30 mins. The seamless and intuitive red, yellow, green reports that follow will allow doctors to easily assess where patients lay in comparison to normal standard deviation of a healthy patient’s autonomic nervous system.

What’s included in the Intellewave System:

  • ECG and HRV Analyzer Software for display, measurement and
    interpretation of test results
  • PC ECG USB device (Pulse Biomedical Inc) or Bluetooth wireless
    Acquisition Device (Corscience Gmbx)
  • Automatic blood pressure-measuring device
  • Laptop computer with integrated Bluetooth and portable printer

Add ons are commonly used in conjunction with the base unit. These include:

  • Tilt Table (Syncope Testing)
  • ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring)
  • Holter Monitoring
  • ABI – (Doppler Based Ankle Brachial Index) vascular testing

To speak with an equipment specialist who can better assist you with financing options and assess what system configuration might be best for your practice  Call : 954-451-6395


Specialties using the Intellewave

Some of the specialties and taxonomies of medicine using the Intellewave platform include:

  • Neurologists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Primary Care
  • General Practitioners
  • MD/DC Integrated Practices
Financing options for the Intellewave System:

We offer a variety of flexible financing options for all our physicians, 12, 24, 36 and 60 Month financing is available and in many cases we can provide 60-90 day deferred payments to our doctors dependent upon credit score and other factors.

The Intellewave system has several configurations from its base value, to its multiple add on components.

ANS Testing CPT codes for the Intellewave can be found here.

To speak with an equipment specialist who can better assist you with financing and assess what system configuration might be best for you and your practice  Call : 954-451-6395

Please speak to an Intellewave equipment specialist for further documentation and of course, a free consultation. We are here to help physicians make better choices when it comes to medical equipment and reimbursement at their practice.   Call : 954-451-6395

Supporting technical documentation on the Intellewave:

R R Definition Is Always Via ECG V2

Local Coverage Determination For Autonomic Function Tests (L35395)

LCD L33609 Autonomic Function Tests

IBC Medical Policies

Guidelines Heart Rate Variability FT 1996

Blue Cross CPT Coverage – CPT Codes and Coverage Details Outlined By BCBS

Please contact us for report examples and financing information.

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