Portable X-ray System & Digital Package

Portable X-RAY

This is a portable x-ray machine that includes an x-ray generator, tube and PC workstation built into a slim & compact design. This allows the operator take x-ray images, without having to dedicate the physical space, or electrical power required for a conventional x-ray machine.

Fixed Technique: 60 kV, 2mA

X-ray tube enclosed

Ultra-high-power battery technology

Built In PC

Laser Light

Hand Switch

Carrying Case

Portable Stand

Wireless 43×36 (14”x17”) Flat Panel Detector

· Manufacturer: LG Electronics

· 140μm (micron) Pixel Pitch

·  High resolution 2500 x 3052 (7.6MP) Pixel Matrix

·  3.5 Line Pair (lp/mm) Image Resolution at 3cy/mm

·  16-bit Dynamic Range

·  Displays up-to 65,536 shades of gray

·  True 36cm × 43cm (14×17”) active image area

·  Cassette-sized detector fits in conventional tray

·  Best-in-class Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)

·  Direct deposition Csl, for excellent image quality

·  Integrated status indicator/message center display

·  Power Supply, Image Transfer Unit

·  Two swappable Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries and charging dock station

·  Wireless access point

Examination Software

· Set Body Map and Exam/Exposure Conditions

· Procedure Code Mapping

· Exam image preview settings

· System (Account Management, Usage Log)

· Interface Settings (DICOM, Worklist Column/Search)

· Exam (Protocol, Procedure, Advanced Processing)

· Device (DXD, Printer Settings)

· Server (MWL, PACS, Local DB Settings) Etc.

· User Account Management, Login


Image Review

· Arrow, Line, Square, Ellipse, Ruler, Angle

· Pan, Flip, Zoom In/Out, Histogram, Text, Shutter

· Window/Level, Marker, Invert, Image Process

PC Workstation

· LG Digital X-ray Acquisition Software

· Veterinary Dental Acquisition Software

· (2) USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A)

· (2) USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type A)

· (2) USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A)

· (2) USB 3.1 Gen 2.0 (Type A)

Protective Case for 14x17 Wireless Detector

· 3 layers of drop/impact protection

(above: Panel Encasement)

Training & Technical Support

· General use training

· Applications & software training

· Technical questions

Total Price: $39,999.00 USD


Total does not include sales tax, sales tax will be added to the final invoice.

Total does not include shipping from Texas

Optional Equipment, Technical Support & WarrantyPrice Qty 1 ($USD)

Mirroring Kit

·  Attachment that allows the user to mirror display from unit to a local monitor or TV screen

·  Includes a Bluetooth capable device that is paired with unit and a connection kit

· Connection:

    · Wired connection to monitor or TV

    · Bluetooth connection to unit


Detector Holder

Ideal for the veterinary clinic, the free-standing model features an extra wide base for maximum stability. It allows accurate radiographs to be taken from virtually any angle. It rolls into position on large, locking casters and tilts the panel/cassette 180 degrees facing straight up, down, or anywhere in between


Imaging Remote-Installation

Unit Imaging provides remote-installation and software applications training for the customer


Additional Technical Support

·  One additional year of remote technical support for the unit

·  Remote technical support can help answer technical questions, applications training & provide remote assistance with software

$1,200 (per year)

Additional Warranty

·  One additional year of product warranty for the portable x-ray system

    ·  Increases warranty from 1 – 2 years

    ·  Does not include the detector or software which has a standard 5- year warranty

    ·  Does not include the PC which has a standard 3-year warranty

$2,500 (per year)
Funding Source:        Please select one of the following methods of payment
Wire Transfer/ACH
Payment Terms for Check or Wire Transfer Transactions
50%Down Payment
50%Due Upon Delivery
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1. Terms, Conditions and Warranties

· Standard Lead Time: 3-5 weeks to ship product from date of order

· Quote Validity: 30 days (Quote Expires August 30, 2021)

· Warranty:

    · Standard 1 year

    · Flat Panel Detector: 3 Years

    · Dental Sensor: 3 Years

    · Image Acquisition Software: 3 Years

    · PC: 3 Years

· Payment: 50% deposit, 50% due at shipping

· Price does not include applicable local or state sales tax

· Price does not include freight and insurance

2. Regulatory and Commitment to Quality

· ISO 13485:2016

· 510(K) in accordance with 21 CFR Part 92


All product datasheets can be available upon request