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Did You Know?

1. We can increase Medicare reimbursement by offering vestibular balance programs in your office.

2. It only takes 8 weeks to get a chiropractic license in TN (background checks on Physicians may lengthen process).

3. In NV, bodily injury and property damage liability is 15,30, 10 (the first 2 figures refer to bodily injury and liability and the 3rd refers to property damage).

4. Depending on your insurance, you can influence the types of programs and services you offer in your office. For example, workers comp is better for DME, Medicare is better for Vestibular balance.

5.  You can market your practice effectively and in different ways from $1,000 to $3,500 per month.

6. CT, NC, and AZ patients elect their med pay from $1000-$100,000.

7. Workers Comp has strong reimbursement in most states, in fact it may be 110 -150% allowable of Medicare. CA is a great state for this.

8. Depending on the state you are in, All Risk contracts for managed Care are % based of Medicare allowable. You may carve out better reimbursement for unique services and certification.

9. Two of the most difficult states to get licensed in are NY and IL.

10. MA is a good state for personal injury, however it may only last 12-18 months.

11. Internal Medical reviews may be a good source of additional revenues for your major medical and workers comp patients.

12. There are special programs or educational courses you may take to enhance your career path.

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