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Physician’s Choice Concierge makes a difference in the lives of clinicians by helping them to provide the best possible patient care, adding new and innovative revenue streams, reducing their overhead, and maximizing their returns.  We accomplish this by developing specialized programs and profit centers that bring new revenues, allowing physicians to finance current and future practice growth endeavors. Below is a sample of the  diagnostic equipment, products, and services we offer:

Revenue Enhancement

Evaluate DME products that can be used to benefit patients and generate increased practice revenues. Assist in acquiring a DME number, when appropriate.
Perform billing and coding analysis, for compliance assurance and accuracy.
Perform thorough equipment analysis to help determine which medical equipment can potentially benefit patients and enhance practitioner revenues.
Evaluate referral patterns and enhance programs to maximize specific patient symptom and/or payer types.
Evaluate costs and clinical effectiveness of current marketing programs.
Develop and implement customized patient survey to provide valuable target-marketing information.
Expand current symptom based treatment programs.

Practice Consulting Services.

Medical and Chiropractic staffing for practices – MD’s DC’s DO’s NP’s PA’s.
Perform overhead reduction analysis.
Assist in getting credentialed.
Assist in subleasing unused office square footage.
Evaluate billing vendor, coding and billing procedures.
Evaluate current EMR Program.
Add specialty practitioner where analysis indicates/warrants
Make specific customized action plans for your practice
Implement a full service DME program.

Clinical Programs & Profit Centers.

Explore the possibility of adding physical therapy services.
Explore the possibility of adding weight loss
Implement mobile vestibular balance program.
Set up urinary incontinence diagnostics.
Implement sleep program.
Implement program for peripheral artery disease (PAD).
Add a full diversified psychological screening program to include anxiety, dementia, and depression testing.
Implement a full service DME program.
Set up urinary incontinence treatment program
Dept. of Labor program

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